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John Tan Plastic Surgery Home Page

Welcome to the John Tan Plastic Surgery webpage.

Based in Singapore, Dr. Tan has been performing plastic surgery for many years. He completed his undergraduate studies in medicine at both Cambridge University, located in London, England. He moved on to get his Master’s degree in Medical Science a few years later, also at Cambridge.

While working at St. Thomas Hospital, he was exposed to their plastic surgery unit and, for the first time, got to witness plastic surgery being performed. At that point, he realized that his true calling in life was to be a plastic surgeon.

Shortly afterward, he returned to Singapore and received his basic surgical training and then his Master of Medicine degree at the National University of Singapore.

Dr. Tan now performs over 20 different surgical procedures in hopes of making his clients appear pleasing to themselves and others around them.

Dr. Tan has a wide range of skills and can perform anything from chin, cheek and jaw contouring to acne skin therapy, to breast reduction and enlargement. Dr. Tan and his dedicated employees always do their best to make their clients comfortable and the healing process quick.

Most surgeries have clients going back to their busy schedules after a week of healing time. After surgery, scars become nearly unnoticeable due to the stealth/hidden incisions Dr. Tan uses with each procedure. Looking great after a surgery is good, but looking great without an unsightly scar is even better!

Getting that beautiful look and gaining the confidence that our clients need to get out and experience the world is something that we want all of them, and what we strive for at John Tan Plastic Surgery. Through his work, Dr. Tan wants to show all of his clients that he is a dedicated professional that they can trust with all their plastic surgery needs.