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Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement / Breast Lift / Breast Reduction

Breast Enlargement (Breast Augmentation)

Some of our clients are unhappy with the size of their breasts. With breast enlargement surgery, small and shrunken breasts will be a thing of the past.

The main goal of breast enlargement surgery is to use silicone implants restore volume to breasts that are too small, and is done by inserting the implants through one of three different points on the body; the armpit, underneath the breast, or the areola.

The procedure requires that general anesthesia be used along with a paravertebral block, the primary anesthetic for breast surgery. The point of the paravertebral block is to block the client’s local pain during the procedure.

Dr. Tan only uses the Mentor brand of silicone implants. Mentor implants are FDA approved and have been trusted for years to look and feel like natural breasts.

We also want to assure our clients that silicone implants are safe and do not increase the risk of breast cancer or any other ailments, such as autoimmune disease, as some studies have previously shown. Mammograms can still be performed after the procedure as long as the radiologist performing them knows the implants are present and uses a different angle to take x-rays.

The procedure only lasts a day, and after a week of rest most clients will be able to return to their everyday lives. Wearing a pressure garment for a month after the procedure is required to ensure optimal results.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Our clients that are affected by sagging breasts, or “Snoopy the Dog” (tuberous) breasts (due to their jutting out appearance similar to Snoopy’s nose) look no further than our breast lift procedure to get their breasts looking superb.

Throughout the course of a woman’s life, gravity may begin to affect the shape of her breasts. In addition, some women have tuberous breasts, a condition present at birth, which results in the breasts not developing normally or fully during puberty. Tuberous breasts may also have enlarged areolae that may appear puffy.

With a breast lift procedure, Dr. Tan hopes to transform each of his client’s breasts into the natural-looking breasts they have always wanted. First, he places incisions that are hidden around the nipple and breast crease, and then he elevates the nipple by redistributing tissue and reshaping the breast.

Silicone implants can also be placed during a breast lift procedure for bigger, fuller breasts. See Breast Enlargement.

General anesthesia and intravenous sedation are used with a paravertebral block to do the procedure. Paravertebral blocks eliminates any localized pain that the client may have while the procedure is being done.

Healing takes about a week, and wearing pressure garments for a month is required to make sure a full recovery takes place.

Breast Reduction (Female)

Breast reduction can be done on both male and female clients. For our female clients, the main reason to get this procedure done is to eliminate back pain from breasts that are too large and to reduce the risk of skin infections that may occur under the breast. Female clients may also be affected by larger saucer plate areolae.

With this procedure Dr. Tan re-contours the breasts and decreases their size. He uses hidden incisions around the nipple and prefers to use one of two methods: the inferior pedicle technique or the superior pedicle technique.

In addition to decreasing the size of the breasts themselves, Dr. Tan can also decrease areolar size as well.

A pressure garment will have to be worn for a month after the procedure, and most normal activities can be resumed after approximately a week.

Breast Reduction (Male)

Breast reduction is not only reserved for our female clients, it can be done on males as well. Men never wanted their breasts to be bigger than female breasts, so why should they be? “Moobs” can be very embarrassing in social situations so they need to be eliminated before that next trip to the swimming pool.

Dr. Tan uses a stealth incision around the nipple to perform this procedure. Combining both excision and liposuction, he decreases the size of the breasts while preserving the natural shape of the pectoral muscles.

The scars from this type of incision will fade and become unnoticeable over time. Not all breast reduction surgeries are the same, however, and some may require more extensive work depending on how large the breasts are. Weight control measures may also be used pre and post surgery if obesity is a factor.

The client will feel no pain during the procedure as a paravertebral block will be used. Our clients will be able to walk out of the clinic after a few hours and will be able to go back to their everyday lives in a week.

A pressure garment must also be worn for one month to ensure a full transformation, resulting in a “moob-less” new body.