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Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid Creation / Eyebag Surgery / Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Creation (Upper Eyelids)

Double eyelid creation is a common procedure we use to create a crease in the upper eyelid region that was not present before. Solely done on people of Oriental descent, the daylong procedure makes the eyes appear larger and more in sync with the face, and allows eyeliner to be applied more easily than before. Our very own Dr. Tan uses local anesthesia for this procedure, which only targets and numbs the eyelids. Vital organs, such as the heart, liver or brain are not affected by local anesthesia, making it safer than general anesthesia.

Double eyelid creation only requires a short incision, usually about 12-15 mm in length, and leaves a tiny scar under the skin surface that attaches to the skin and muscle to create a natural looking fold when the eye opens. Scarring and bruising is minor and swelling may also occur. Sutures are out in four days and scarring will disappear after a short amount of recovery time.

Everyday activities can be resumed right after the procedure is finished with the use of sunglasses to make sure the eyes are protected. There are some cases, however, where bruising will be more prevalent and a recovery time of two weeks will be required for it to heal.

After the procedure is finished, the eyelids will have the natural look that is desired and will fold inward, as they were originally intended to.

When it comes to getting that distinctive, enthralling look for the eyes, look no further than Dr. Tan and our excellent staff at John Tan Plastic Surgery.

Eye-bag Surgery (Lower Eyelids)

Our eye-bag surgery procedures involve creating a more youthful appearance in our clients. By removing bags under the eyes, age will be diminished and a horrible night of sleep will not show nearly as badly.

Eye-bag surgery is done using local anesthesia with intravenous sedation (injecting a sedation drug into the vein). The surgery only lasts a day and is one of the simplest and safest procedures that we do. Fat pads are removed from inside the eye instead of using an incision, and as a result no sutures are required for the procedure and there are no external scars.

Healing time is even faster using this method. Clients’ eyes may be red in color after the procedure and some bruising may be present. A couple of weeks are the estimated healing time for these bruises. If required, a skin pinch will be performed to remove excess skin by using a small incision placed underneath the eyelashes. This is done so that damage will not occur to the underlying muscle.

Clients will be able to walk out of the clinic almost immediately after the surgery takes place and continue their lives as normal, although sunglasses will be required to protect the eyes during healing.

Lower eyelids never looked more perfect than after a successful eye-bag surgery. Dr. Tan takes his work seriously and wants all of his clients to look their best every day, even if they are under stress or only managed a few hours of sleep from the previous night. He wants to provide them with a new, youthful appearance that will be complimented for years to come.

Eyelid Surgery (Upper Eyelids)

Droopy eyelid skin and eyes that do not appear to open all the way are a thing of the past with our eyelid surgery procedures. No matter what the problem may be, Dr. Tan and our expert employees will be able to fix it.

Over time, eyelids tend to sag and take on a less than desirable look. With eyelid surgery, most of these occurrences can be remedied. Excess undesirable skin is removed by placing incisions at the original eyelid skin crease and lifting them to create a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

By raising the eyelids to a new position, our clients will look more youthful than ever before. They will never again have the problem of constantly having to raise their eyebrows to keep their eyelids from sagging too far. Furrowed foreheads will also be a thing of the past.

Local anesthesia is used for the procedure, and depending on the circumstances intravenous sedation may also be required. Healing is usually very rapid and sutures will be out after a period of four to six days.

This type of eyelid surgery is also useful for re-creating double eyelids that were formed in previous procedures, which now need to be reconstructed, and getting rid of fat pads that have built up near the corners of the eye.

Dr. Tan’s eyelid surgery procedures are quick, lasting only one day, and recovery only lasts a short amount of time. Two weeks for healing should be enough time for our clients to get back on their feet and feel as beautiful as they feel they deserve to be.