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Face Lift

Face-Lift / Neck Lift


Someone who has just had another birthday may look in the mirror to see if they have gotten any older in appearance. The first thing that they notice about themselves is their face and how many wrinkles are now on it. A face-lift procedure is the remedy they need to get rid of these wrinkles and to look young again.

To start the face-lift procedure, Dr. Tan creates incisions that are hidden around the ears so that he can lift the face to a better, younger position. Face-lifts are done in conjunction with neck lifts to have that full effect of making our clients appear more youthful to their friends and family.

By using vertical suspension, the result looks as natural as can be. Dr. Tan uses general anesthesia and intravenous sedation to fully numb the face and leave our clients completely unconscious so that the procedure can take place. A face-lift can be performed at either our clinic or in the hospital depending on the client’s request and where they feel more comfortable getting the procedure done.

The bandages from a face-lift can be removed after 24 hours and sutures will be out after 7 days. A designated hair salon will also be provided to our clients after the procedure is finished 48 hours later so clients can have their hair washed. Sunglasses will be required to aid in healing, for when clients to go back to their everyday activities, which should be no earlier than a week after the surgery has taken place. Any client who wants to have the procedure done should also plan to avoid making social arrangements for a couple of weeks because of swelling and bruising.

With a face-lift done by Dr. Tan, creases throughout the face will be eliminated, along with drooping facial skin that will never have to be seen in the mirror again.

Neck Lift

Age is a number that cannot be reversed, and it eventually begins to show through physical changes in the body. Just because someone is getting older does not mean that they have to give in to the changes that are occurring and accept them. Dr. Tan hopes to help his clients reverse these changes if they so desire.

A neck lift, done in conjunction with a face-lift, is a procedure in which excess skin and fat is taken from the neck and jaw line and then removed to create a younger appearance in our clients. Fat deposits may also be trimmed underneath the chin to create a more effective look of youth.

Using the same method he uses while doing a face-lift, Dr. Tan places hidden incisions around the ear area and then tightens and lifts the neck skin after lifting the mid/lower face complex. This removes creases near the jowl (lower jaw line) and provides facial skin with a smoother appearance. The jaw line also becomes more defined after the procedure is done.

The procedure only takes a day and requires general anesthesia with intravenous sedation. The client will be unconscious for the duration of the surgery. Clients will be able to walk out of the clinic shortly after the procedure is finished. The healing process takes a little longer; sutures will come out after one week and healing of most bruises and swelling will take about two weeks. Sunglasses will also be needed initially after the surgery is finished to help in the healing process.

Clients looking to get rid of their “turkey gobbler neck,” as we like to call it, should look no further than Dr. Tan and his effective neck lift procedure.