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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck / Liposuction

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Getting that perfect stomach is something that lots of people desire, especially when so much emphasis is placed on achieving “six-pack” abs. Unfortunately, most people have flabby stomachs and skin that hangs down and covers where tighter abdominal muscles should be. A tummy tuck procedure is the perfect solution to obtaining a more defined stomach.

Tummy tuck procedures performed by Dr. Tan aim to remove excess skin and fat from the stomach. This is done by tightening the rectus muscles, which gives the torso a sculpted appearance. The procedure requires using general anesthesia and can be combined with liposuction to further decrease the size of the abdomen and shape the torso.

Radical abdominoplasty (big tummy tuck) and mini-abdominoplasty (small tummy tuck) are also available for clients who may require a more specialized surgery to be performed. Radical abdominoplasty is needed when dealing with a considerably larger amount of skin excess while mini-abdominoplasty is performed when there is a significantly smaller amount.

No matter what tummy tuck procedure is decided upon, the healing process is identical. Clients will be required to remain in the hospital for three days. Regular activity may be resumed after a week. After that, clients need to make sure not to lift any heavy objects for a month, and must wear a pressure garment for the duration of that month.

During each tummy tuck the rectus muscles are also tightened to recreate a waistline and further improve the efficiency of the surgery.

Our clients will be amazed at the results they receive and will not be able to believe their own eyes after seeing the level of work that Dr. Tan does with his tummy tucks. Never be embarrassed to take off a shirt again!

Liposuction (Liposculpture)

Losing weight is at the top of many peoples’ to do lists, and it typically presents quite a challenge. No matter how many different diets they try, or what new aerobic exercises they subject themselves to, nothing works. Sometimes genetics play a huge role in the inability to lose weight as well. No matter what the case, Dr. Tan wants to give all of his clients the chance to take the weight off and to have the slimmer, more defined bodies they so desire.

During liposuction, fat from the stomach or other areas such as the thighs, is removed by using a vacuum. Upon removing this fat, the body is sculpted to look healthier and more appealing.

Dr. Tan’s preference is to use tumescent power assisted liposuction, which takes less time to perform and yields better cosmetic results. During the procedure Dr. Tan uses general anesthesia with intravenous sedation. This ensures that our clients are “knocked out” completely before the surgery takes place.

The surgery itself takes a day to perform with sutures being out after a week. Our clients will be able to walk out of the clinic after the surgery and can continue their lives as normal. A pressure garment must be worn though for a month to ensure they heal properly.

Dr. Tan cannot express enough that liposuction is not the cure for getting rid of cellulite, and in fact could worsen the condition.

It is also recommended that our clients consult with Dr. Tan first before deciding on whether liposuction is right for them. Sometimes what appears to be fat in the body is actually excess bulging muscle, which is a common occurrence after a pregnancy or dramatic weight loss.

Liposuction will remedy most problems such as a double-chin and Michelin Man tummy (spare tires around the tummy) as we like to call it. Dr. Tan wants his clients looking their best and he hopes to help them in their journey of looking slimmer and fit.